My Daughter Likes Windows 8

A few weeks ago I bought my seven-year-old daughter a laptop because she will be using it for school.  When I brought it home and showed it to her, the first thing she asked was “does this have Windows 8 on it?”  When I told her it did she responded “great, because I don’t think I would even know how to use a computer that had something older than Windows 8 on it.”  That’s my girl!


Is Safety Really First?

SafetyFirstSignYesterday I was going through a drive-through and I noticed a sign posted.  It was titled “Top 5” and contained the following list.

  1. Fast Service
  2. Quality Food
  3. Hot Food
  4. Cleanliness of Restaurant and Staff
  5. Safety First

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get a picture because they honored their top priority of fast service.  Or was their top priority safety?  I found this totally hilarious.  Who actually makes a top five list and makes “Safety First” their fifth priority?